we’ve got a file on you

we’ve got a file on you

It is hoped that speakers notes and presentations from a recently hosted conference at the Conflict Records Research Center at the National Defense University and Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Advanced Governmental Studies, entitled “Ten Years Later: Insights on al-Qaeda’s Past & Future through Captured Records” will eventually enter the public domain. This panel looked especially interesting;

0915 -1130 – Panel 1: “What did scholars and policy makers know about al-Qaeda and Affiliated Movements (AQAM) before 9/11?”

  • Dr. Thomas Hegghammer (Chair), Senior Research Fellow, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)
  • Dr. Mark Stout, Lecturer, Center for Advanced Governmental Studies, Johns Hopkins University, on “The Evolution of Intelligence Assessments of the Jihadist Threat, 1989-2009”
  • Ms. Cindy Storer, Lecturer at Coastal Carolina University, Senior Analyst at Pherson Associates LLC, and former CIA Analyst, on “Al-Qaeda: Challenges for Analysis Before 9/11”
  • Dr. Mary Habeck, Associate Professor of Strategic Studies, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University,  on “Al-Qa’ida’s Strategies on 9-11: What do the documents say?”
  • Dr. Yonah Alexander, Director, Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies, on “Academic Intelligence on al-Qa’ida Pre-9/11: Lessons Learned”

More information on the Conflict Records Research Center can be found here.  An index of some of the records held at the center can be found here and samples here.

On a slightly different note, but still on issues of information gathering in one form or another, the Autopsies Research Group is hosting, “Cultures of Surveillance: An Interdisciplinary Conference”, between the 29 September and 1 October 2011 at University College London (UCL). Topics of interest include, “All the Same, We Watched Them a Bit’: Everyday Policing of North Africans in Paris in the 1950s”. The agenda is here and details of papers to be presented here.