god’s gonna cut you down

god’s gonna cut you down

As the year winds down, Intrade, an on-line market has the chances of al-Zawahiri being killed or captured before midnight on 31 December 2011 at 0.7% but a WMD attack before midnight on 31 December 2013 at 24.8%….so before it all goes one way or another…four articles worth reading for their efforts to push forward understanding on how individuals decide to enter a terrorist organisation or choose violence:

Bartlett, J. & Miller, C. (2012). “The Edge of Violence: Towards Telling the Difference Between Violent and Non-Violent Radicalization.” Terrorism and Political Violence 24(1): 1–21.

Cottee, S. (2011). “Jihadism as a Subcultural Response to Social Strain: Extending Marc Sageman’s “Bunch of Guys” Thesis.” Terrorism and Political Violence 23(5): 730–751.

Crone, M. and Harrow, M. (2011). “Homegrown Terrorism in the West.” Terrorism and Political Violence 23(4): 521–536

Sageman, M. (2011). “The Turn to Political Violence in the West” in Coolsaet, R (ed) Jihadi Terrorism and the Radicalisation Challenge: European and American Experiences 2nd Ed. Ashgate; Farnham andBurlington.

A detailed list of articles, books, NGO and Think-Tank reports written in 2011 can be found at Jihadology or alternatively see what DJ Earworm has to say, if that does not do it then there is the 2011 Portfolio.