“Just what is it that you want to do?/We wanna get loaded and have a good time.”

The International Studies Association (ISA) is holding its annual meeting in San Diego between 1-4 April 2012, with the title “Power, Principles and Participation in the Global Information Age.” 

A copy of the conference programme can be found here. There are numerous workshops and panels related to terrorism and political violence, including some that deal with the theme of foreign fighters. There is an invitation only workshop, “Transnational Actors and Conflict Outcomes”. Participants include David Malet, Colorado State University;  Miriam J. Anderson, Memorial University; Mohammed Hafez, Naval Postgraduate School; Cerwyn Moore, University of Birmingham; Sparsha Saha, Harvard University; and Jennifer Marie Brinkerhoff, George Washington University.

There are two panels that have foreign fighter related papers, “Relationships Among Terrorist Entities: From Conflict to Cooperation” has a paper, “Martyrs Without Borders: Explaining the Phenomenon of Transnational Volunteerism to Foreign Conflicts” (Mohammed Hafez). The second panel, “The Aftermaths of the War on Terror: Renegotiating Gendered National Identities” has a paper, “The Mujahideen in Bosnia: The Foreign Fighter as Cosmopolitan Citizen and/or Terrorist” (Jennifer Mustapha-Vanderkooy).

Later in 2012, the ISA and British International Studies Association (BISA) are holding a joint convention in Edinburgh, Scotland between 20-22 June. This convention, “Diversity in the Discipline: Tension or Opportunity in Responding to Global Challenges”, also has numerous panels on terrorism and political violence, with a panel on foreign fighters. “Foreign Fighters: Assessing the Impact of External Actors on Local Conflicts”. Papers to be presented include:

“A Global View of Foreign Fighter Persistence: Is Islam Really the Answer?” (Adam Quinn and David Malet ),

“Beyond Jihad in Chechnya: Foreign Fighters and the Insurgency in the North Caucasus” (David Malet and Cerwyn Moore),

“Martyrs without Borders: Explaining the Phenomenon of Transnational Volunteerism to Foreign Conflicts” (Mohammed Hafez),

“Transnational Jihad in the Hindu Kush: The Foreign Fighter Experience in Afghanistan, 1979‐2012” (Brian Glyn Williams).

The conference website is here and the programme is here.