the wicked messanger

When questioned who had sent for him/He answered with his thumb/For his tongue it could not speak, but only flatter

“The epistemological ground on which studies of popular action in Islamic societies is situated is notoriously spongy and subject to periodic cave-ins. Not only is it difficult to spot a trend with hindsight, because of the extent to which we are all prisoners of present ways of thinking, but it is also perilous to advance an explication of the the so-called Islamic revival without reproducing the concerns of the ambient political culture of our own society, with its deeply grounded fears and phantasms about Islam.”

Burke, E. (1988). Islam and Social Movements: Methodological Reflections in Burke, E. and Lapidus, I. M. (eds) Islam, Politics and Social Movements. University of California Press:. Berkeley and Los Angeles. p.18