everbody’s talkin

everybody’s talkin’

Unlike previous foreign fighter mobilizations, those traveling to Syria are less reticent to wax lyrical about their role and activities. Below is a non-exhaustive selection for the polyglot to digest.

Abdelrahman Ayachi gave an interview in March 2013 to the Global Post prior to his death in June (in English).

Dutch foreign fighters engaged in a long and detailed discussion with Volksrant (in Dutch).

Two French brothers made a statement via Youtube. One of the brothers has been reported as killed in Syria (In French).

A Serb foreign fighter from Novi Pasar gave his perspective on the Syria conflict (in Serbian).

A Chechen foreign fighter explains their role in Syria (In English).

While there are perhaps varying motives for speaking ranging from self-justification to out-right propaganda, the willingness of foreign fighters to speak with the press, on blogs, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter marks a break with previous foreign fighter mobilizations where messaging was more controlled and centralized (Iraq) or where the quality of images was lower and the speed of their diffusion slower (Bosnia). Nonetheless, images and information were all important in previous mobilizations notwithstanding the medium of transmission.